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CAM Magazine

Fall 2007
“Taking a Step in the Right Direction”
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
By Mary E. Kremposky

Fall 2004
Special Issue
"Witnessing the Darkness, Uncovering the Light"
Holocaust Memorial Center
By Mary E. Kremposky

Fall 2003
Special Issue
"A Learning Community"
Oakland University EDU and Human Services Building
By Wendi Sawchuk

Fall 2003
Special Issue
"A Library to Discover"
Southfield Public Library
By Wendi Sawchuk

Fall 2003
Special Issue
"Sheltering the Soul"
Solanus Casey Center
By Mary E. Kremposky

July 2003 (Cover)
"Raising a Village"
The Greenfield Village Restoration Project
The Henry Ford
By David R. Miller

July 2003
"The Guided Tour" The Greenfield Village
Restoration Project
The Henry Ford
By David R. Miller

April 2003 (Cover)
"Sleek Curves"
Jaguar of Novi

Fall 1999
Special Issue
"Breathing Space and Room to Grow for AAA HQ"
AAA Michigan/Wisconsin Headquarters Expansion and Renovation
By Michael Lawson

Fall 1999
Special Issue
"Expanded Capacity for Care"
Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital
Commerce, MI
By Michael Lawson

August 2004
"The Henry Ford"
By Richard Bak

Landscape Architecture Magazine

July 2005
"Changing Places"
Henry Ford's Greenfield Village
By Gary W. Cramer

April 2005
"An Interior Garden"
William Beaumont Hospital Debra-Saber-Salisbury
Memorial Garden
By Randall K. Metz, FASLA

November 2003
"Balancing the Books"
Southfield Public Library
By Michael Bressler

February 2000
"Primary Colors - A Memorial Garden for a Young Girl Embodies Hope For All"
Jaynes Garden
By Paul Bennett

October 1999
Awards Issue
Jayne's Garden
Oakland County, MI

April 1992
Firm Profile Issue
"Three Midwest Firms:
John Grissim Keeps Moving"
By John Gallagher

November 1991 (Cover)
Awards Issue
Ford Motor Company World Headquarters - Dearborn, MI
Regent Court

November 1990
Awards Issue
Forbes Residence

November 1989
Awards Issue
"The Gardens"

March 1981
"Recapturing a Victorian Flavor"
Wulfmeier Residence
By John N. Grissim

Landscape Architect & Specifier News

February 2004 (Cover)
"The Garden of Youthful Imagination"
Southfield Public Library
By Stephen Kelly

March 2004
"The Smithsonian of the Midwest: Henry Ford's Vision Revealed"
By Stephen Kelly

April 2006
"Commercial Lighting from
Michigan to Florida"
By Stephen Kelly

November 2015
"Firms of the Midwest"
By Stephen Kelly, Alli Martin & Michael Miyamoto

The Story Pole, Masonry Institute of Michigan

November/December 2003
"The Wow Factor"
Livonia Community Recreation Center
By Mary Rodrique

March/April 2003
"Inspirations For Design"
Jaguar of Novi
By Betty Stansbury Young

Medical Construction & Design

July/August 2006
"Gardens for All Seasons"
William Beaumont Hospital South Tower Addition: Atrium Gardens With Spaces for Respite and Play
By Randall K. Metz, FASLA

May/June 2006
The Art of Healing
"William Beaumont Hospital South Tower Addition"
By Sara Malone

HOUR Detroit

October 2007
"Hospitals Get More Hospitable"
William Beaumont Hospital
By Alexa Stanard

August 2004
"The Henry Ford"
By Richard Bak

Inland Architect

September/October 1992
"Museum-Quality Landscape"
National Corvette Museum
By John Gallagher

Above Water

January 2006
"Water, Landscaping Returning to Waterside Shops. Landscape Design Unveiled"
Waterside Shops at Pelican Bay
By Nanci Theoret


June 2005 (Cover)
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI

Crain's Detroit Business

June 2006
"Redevelopment Plans for Big Beaver Corridor presented to Troy DDA"
By Anjali Fluker

2006 International Builders' Show

January 2006
"The Mall at Millenia receives ICSC 2004 International Design and Development Award"

Therapeutic Landscapes Database

March 2008
"Healing Gardens"
Huron Valley Sinai Hospital Courtyard Healing Garden
William Beaumont Hospital Debra Saber-Salisbury Memorial Garden

Building Design and Construction

June 2004 (Cover)
"Gateway to Knowledge"
Southfield Public Library
By Matthew Phai

Style, The Magazine

May 2006
"Secret Sanctuary"
Southfield Public Library Garden
By Megan Swoyer

Health Facilities Management

September 2005
"Garden Variety - Project team's creativity blooms to eliminate institutional feel"
William Beaumont Hospital
By Amy Eagle

American Libraries

April 2001 (Cover)
"Room to Grow - Showcasing New Facilities"
West Bloomfield Township Public Library

Garden Design

March/April 1991
"A Grand Landscape for a Stately House"
Forbes Residence
By Steven Mannheimer

Architectural Lighting

April 1991
Awards Issue
Citation Award
"Regent Court"

Architectural Digest

December 1990
"Palladian Abstractions"
Forbes Residence
By Robert Campbell

Ville Giardini

August 1983
"Un giardino sul lago"
Wulfmeier Residence

September 1982
Wulfmeier Residence

Interlocking Concrete Pavement Magazine

November 2003 (Cover)
"Milford Main Street Makeover"